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Virus Closure

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Staff:

       Due to the rapidly escalating conditions surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) all Dunellen Schools will be closed Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 20.  We will reassess the situation on March 20, and make a decision whether to continue with the closure.

       On Monday, although schools will be closed, we will be conducting distance learning.  Every student will go through their regular schedule for an early dismissal school day.  Teachers will be teaching either via computer or through pre-made learning packets.  You will be receiving instructions regarding the distance learning set up from your respective principals.  All distance learning days will count toward the 180-student days required by the State of New Jersey.

Beginning immediately, all after school events in Dunellen are cancelled until further notice.  This includes the spring musical, scheduled for tonight and tomorrow, as well as all sports – practices and games.

During the closure all administrators, secretaries, counselors and nurses will be available during school hours.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.  Our custodians will be working throughout the week to thoroughly clean and disinfect all three schools.

We regret having to make this unprecedented decision but it is necessary at this time to take all precautions in order to beat this pandemic.  If everyone pulls together that day will come sooner rather than later.  We look forward to the day when our students return to the classrooms and playing fields and normalcy returns to our schools.

Until then, please be well, be safe and practice good hygiene.  And remember, because we’re prepared, there’s no reason to panic.

Gene Mosley