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Dunellen Athletic Department
Title Name Email Extension
Coordinator of Athletic Activities David DeNapoli denapolid@dunellenschools.org 1060
Athletic Secretary Allison Buchholz buchholza@dunellenschools.org 1060
Athletic Trainer Matt Wiswesser wiswesserm@dunellenschools.org  
DHS Fall Sports
Cheerleading Emelia O'Dougherty odoughertye@dunellenschools.org   
Cross Country/Coed Jon Buggey buggeyj@dunellenschools.org  
Football David DeNapoli denapolid@dunellenschools.org  
Soccer/Girls Kerry Johnson johnsonk@dunellenschools.org  
Soccer/Boys George Lewis lewisg@dunellenschools.org  
Tennis/Girls Allison Egan Egana@dunellenschools.org  
DHS Winter Sports
Basketball/Boys Howie Horowitz horowitzh@dunellenschools.org  
Basketball/Girls Keith Connery conneryk@dunellenschools.org  
Wrestling Ryan Boyd boydr@dunellenschools.org  
DHS Spring Sports
Baseball Chris Osborn osbornc@dunellenschools.org  
Softball Amanda Merten mertena@dunellenschools.org  
Tennis/Boys Kelly Seader seaderk@dunellenschools.org  
Track & Field Tim O'Sullivan osullivant@dunellenschools.org  
LMS Fall Sports
LMS Cross Country/Coed Lauren Caulfield caulfieldl@dunellenschools.org  
LMS Winter Sports
Basketball/Boys Ryan Reynolds reynoldsr@dunellenschools.org  
Basketball/Girls Jeff Murray murrayj@dunellenschools.org  
Wrestling Ryan Boyd boydr@dunellenschools.org  
LMS Spring Sports      
Baseball Nick Tomasso tomasson@dunellenschools.org  
Softball Kerry Johnson johnsonk@dunellenschools.org  
Track/Coed Samantha Homan homans@dunellenschools.org