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Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff:

This morning I convened a meeting with our contact tracing team.  They expressed a strong concern about the sharp rise in reported positive cases among students and staff over the past two days.  Currently, there are over 50 students out who have tested positive for COVID-19: 23 at Faber, 13 at LMS and 20 at DHS (many of which were reported over the past two days). In addition, we have 7 staff members at Faber in quarantine due to COVID-19, 3 at LMS and 8 at DHS.  That would make class coverage very difficult, if not impossible.  We also have two custodians out along with one kitchen worker at Faber and one at DHS.

Due to the sharp rise in positive cases – among both students and staff - over a short period of time, I recommended to the Board of Education that we go to a virtual teaching schedule beginning tomorrow, January 3.  Our target date to return to in-person instruction is Tuesday, January 18.  As that date looms closer, we will re-evaluate the situation before committing to return. The Board of Education has endorsed my recommendation and the county superintendent, Kyle Anderson, has approved our request.

The principals in all three buildings will be sending out information to parents and staff shortly explaining how we will proceed with virtual instruction. 

As I’m sure many of you know, I have always been a big proponent of maintaining in-person instruction during the pandemic.  This is not where I had hoped to go, but the numbers are quickly trending in a way that has me extremely concerned.  After consulting with our district physician and an epidemiologist, I think the two week virtual period is the best move to ensure the health and safety of students, staff and parents. And, for me, health and safety will always be the primary considerations in our district.

I thank you all for your continued cooperation and support.  We will get through this as long as we continue to work together.  I wish all of you and your families a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Be well and stay safe.

Gene Mosley