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March 7th Prep

Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff:

     On Monday, March 7, the Dunellen School District will be adopting the “mask optional”
alternative offered by Governor Murphy. On that day all students, staff, parents and visitors will
have the option of wearing or not wearing a mask while in one of our school buildings. If
someone wants to wear a mask, they can wear a mask. If they don’t want to wear a mask, they
do not have to wear a mask.

     It will be a personal choice.

     Please emphasize to your children that whether someone decides to wear a mask or to not
wear a mask, they should be treated with respect. Anyone who ridicules, teases, mocks,
intimidates or bullies someone for wearing a mask or not wearing a mask will be subject to
discipline through the HIB Process.

     Since the governor’s announcement, the CDC has made a series of recommendations that
have impacted our original Plan for the Return to School. Beginning on March 7, we will be
operating under the following guidelines:

  • Masks are optional for all people – students, staff, parents, visitors – inside of our school buildings.
  • Masks are no longer required to be worn on buses.
  • Teachers who test positive can return after five days (without symptoms).
  • Students who test positive can return after five days (without symptoms).
  • Vaccinated close contacts do not have to quarantine.
  • Unvaccinated close contacts may return to school after a five-day quarantine provided they are without symptoms.
  • There will be no quarantine required for those returning to the United States from international trips.

     Please remember that COVID-19 still exists and it is still infecting people daily. Please continue
to take all appropriate precautions. And please understand that if the number of positive cases
in the district and the community rise again to dangerous levels, we could reinstate previous
restrictions – i.e. mandatory masks, longer quarantine, etc. Those changes will depend on
guidance/mandates from the CDC, the New Jersey Department of Health, the New Jersey
Department of Education and the Governor.

     I am truly happy to be making this announcement at this time and am hopeful that everyone will
be able to return to a more normal educational experience moving forward. Be well and stay

Gene Mosley