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Governor's Teacher Recognition Honorees

Congratulations to the Dunellen Schools
Governor's Teacher Recognition Honorees

Eileen DeNapoli - Faber School
Allyson Timinski - Lincoln Middle School
Keith Boyle - Dunellen High School

District Teacher of the Year: Keith Boyle

Thank you for your dedication! Best wishes for continued success.

Below you will find our honorees responses to a few questions about there teaching careers, family life, interests, and, their thoughts and feelings about being selected.


Mr. Keith Boyle
Dunellen High School Governor's Teacher Recognition Honoree
Dunellen School District Teacher of the Year

Teaching Experience: Except for student teaching and one semester as a long term substitute, I have spent my entire teaching career here in Dunellen. Dr. Arthur Travlos hired me in 1997 for a third grade class at Faber School, where I taught for three years. I then moved to Lincoln Middle School for two years teaching language arts, then on to DHS in September 2002, where I taught ninth and tenth grade English since that time. Now finishing up my twelfth year in the district. I am, I believe, one of only two teachers in the district still teaching who has taught at all three schools.

Family life and Interests: Having previously been married for 12 years, I have been enjoying the single life since 1998. I have no children despite my ever so slightly graying hair. My two main interests are reading (averaging about 25 books a year) and rock and roll music. I could not live a complete life without either of these hobbies. I have been fortunate enough not to have to work in the summertime, so one can find me on the Avon beach most summer days.

Thoughts and feeling about being selected District Teacher of the Year: "Pleased" is an insufficient word to describe my feelings about being selected Teacher of the Year. "Humbled" is a better word; to have been selected from a group of many fine individuals--regardless of length of service--is gratifying indeed. I have had many teachers in my family, (one brother, several cousins and aunts and uncles), as well as my mother (who also taught third grade for several years) whom I know is smiling down at me from above.

After having been in the corporate world for many years, every minute of which I loathed, I truly feel that becoming a teacher has changed my life and saved my soul.


Mrs. Eileen DeNapoli
Faber School Governor's Teacher Recognition Honoree

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching for 16 years. I have taught for all of those 16 years in Dunellen. After teaching Health and Physical Education for 5 years, I left to raise my family. I have been teaching Kindergarten for 11 years.

Family life and Interests: I am happily married to Tom. We have three children. Justin is 25 and will be getting married in September. Todd is 22 and will be graduating from Susquehanna University this year. Travis is 20 and is a junior at Drew University.

I enjoy spending time with my family and watching my sons compete in athletics. I love to read whenever I get the chance and enjoy going to the gym. My family and I enjoy spending time down the shore.

Thoughts and feeling about being selected the Faber School Governor's Teacher Recognition Honoree: It is a nice honor to be selected. I really enjoy teaching at Faber. The teachers are wonderful. They are dedicated, hard working and are constantly sharing ideas. I look forward to coming to work every day.


Ms. Allyson Timinski
Lincoln Middle School Governor's Teacher Recognition Honoree

Teaching Experience: I started my teaching career here in Dunellen and have been teaching for 3 years. I teach Earth Science at the Sixth grade level. We cover geology (rocks/minerals, plate tectonics, earthquakes, & volcanoes), and meteorology/climatology. I also teach a Prehistoric Earth cycle class. We begin with the formation of our planet including discussions on Earth’s violent beginning, land/ocean/atmosphere formation, and the first life forms. Earth’s history is then broken down and we study the geologic time scale.

Family life and Interests: I am single with no children.

I enjoy skiing/winter sports, working out, avid reader, museums/aquariums, day trips in the city, hiking, music. I teach science courses at night school.

Thoughts and feeling about being selected the LMS Governor's Teacher Recognition Honoree: I am very honored to be selected by the students/parents and faculty here at LMS. I work very hard to make my class enjoyable and informative for all students. I hope that they all walk away having gained new knowledge and a great appreciation for how our planet works.