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Special Services
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Department of Special Services
411 First Street
Dunellen, NJ 08812

Special Services Main Office:
732-400-5900 x1050

732 752-3466 (fax)


Special Services Administration
Title Name Email Extension
Special Services Director Amanda Lamoglia lamogliaa@dunellenschools.org 1050
Special Services Secretary Gloria Moskowitz moskowitzg@dunellenschools.org 1050
Child Study Team
District Learning Disabilities Specialist Colyn Lucario lucarioc@dunellenschools.org 6322
District Psychologist Hiromi Cardoso cardosoh@dunellenschools.org 6321
District Social Worker Eric Salvador salvadore@dunellenschools.org 1054
District Psychologist Viera Dudova dudovav@dunellenschools.org 1053
Speech TBD @dunellenschools.org 6029
Speech Laura Lazzari lazzaril@dunellenschools.org 1051
Occupational Therapy Donna Kennedy kennedyd@dunellenschools.org 6008
Nurse Lori MacManus macmanusl@dunellenschools.org 2330
Nurse Anne North northa@dunellenschools.org 6330
Student Assistance Counselor
Student Assistance Counselor Lisa Leibowitz leibowitzl@dunellenschools.org 2326